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Nothing makes your business closer and more accessible to your customers than a toll-free number to contact you. Giving you a 'local-business' feel, toll free numbers can increase the percentage of customers trying to get in touch with you.

HireKhan's toll-free customer support service has helps fast-growing businesses deliver highly satisfying customer support 24 hours a day. Our services, help businesses to route all customer calls to the right department, boost company image, and close sales fast besides.

We cater to arrange of industries which includes telecom, automotive, real estate, manufacturing, retail and ecommerce, academic institutions, energy and utilities, healthcare, media and entertainment, travel and hospitality, supply chain, logistics, transportation, etc.
Our telephone answering services include -
  • 24x7x365 Live Call Answering
  • Call Entry
  • Voter Polling Calls
  • Real Estate Calls
  • Emergency Dispatching
  • Alpha-numeric Paging
  • Operator Dispatch
  • Live Message Taking
Our live operators are well-versed with:
  • Answering product or service questions using a script you have provided
  • Redirecting calls to your sales people
  • Answering your calls with both your company name and a special branding or selling - message
  • Taking orders and complete transactions over the phone
  • Up-selling or cross-selling additional product to the caller after the first sale is completed and the credit card information recorded
  • Setting appointments for your business and many more
Research says that it costs 5 times more money to acquire new customers, compared to retaining existing customers. A customer who contacts you with a query or concern should be considered as an opportunity and not a nuisance. How well you address these queries reflects your passion and commitment to keeping them happy.
In this ultra-modern and hi-tech era of smartphones, voice calling has become the most common application to have easy and cheap interactions. Although this trend is very popular today, customers still refrain from paying a penny for anything and want entire service range free of cost. We, at HireKhan, bring you the most convenient way to let your customers reach you at an absolutely zero expense.

The customer representative for the toll free call answering is the voice of your company. HireKhan's agents go through multiple levels of training before they start answering your calls. They are also kept updated on recent developments in the industry so that they sound knowledgeable and intelligent while talking to customers.


Our Project Management Officer will have detailed discussion on your requirement and understand your needs in greater detail. We believe in more straight forward approach of face to face / Skype Video call discussion. Waste no time. Allocation of Projects starts almost instantly at HireKhan.

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