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We are HireKhan

On Outsourcing & Job Creation Verticals, HireKhan is here to Change the Game.
The Whole Game.

We realize The art of, and need for, creating jobs. Hiring the right employee enhances work culture and pays back a thousand times over. HireKhan offers global online platform of hiring and outsourcing manpower & projects making like easier both for job seekers as well as for employers.


From really understanding the need of our clients to the need of the candidates, we dive into unfathomable depths. Our aim is One World, One Platform for Outsourcing & Jobs, so that society is busy in prosperity and technology helps in maintaining positive decorum.

Our Business Model

Our Business model is to operate world-wide through Joint Ventures across major countries and through dealerships in other smaller countries. We provide Framework and Operational Support to our JV partners and they Execute and Market HireKhan in their country.


Our Services

HireKhan offers a complete package of Outsourcing and HR Services ranging from Online Platform for Projects, BPO & Manpower to Online Background Verification Services, from Job Portal for Employers to Job Seeker App for the ones looking for opportunities. We call ourselves the ‘Amazon of HR & Outsourcing’.

Service 01
Project Outsourcing

Efficient Project Implementation and Management is the corner stone of a fast evolving Business & Technological world that we live in.

Service 02
BPO Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing has evolved from its early 'sweat-shop' image to the status of a strategic differentiator in the global marketplace. BPO has changed the way the world does business

Service 03
Manpower Outsourcing

Clients can hire any resource of their choice online based on their budgets & the allocation of resources starts almost instantly.

Service 04
Employee Verification

Our online, one time paid lifetime valid employee background verification service will change the way recruitment is done

Service 05
Job Portal (Employers)

With refined Job Postings & Candidate Search Portal, get instant notifications of the interested candidates from a Security Guard to a CEO

Service 06
Job Seeker App

Job for Every Human… With 850 industries and 3500 cities worldwide, HireKhan App is live on Android and iOS.

About Us

Imagining technology for Socio Economic Impact, is all we do every day.

We believe that it is our most important job. A refreshing imagination acts as concrete foundation on which great businesses are built. An ageless philosophy, it never loses its relevance. A financial ecosystem and job creation is an integral part to any economy and vibrant society. Millions of families rely on business funding and jobs. Underestimating the importance of having a good financial ecosystem and job market can be fatal.

It is here where we make a difference through our products Fintech Platform "Fundacle" for funding & "HireKhan" for Jobs and Outsourcing of BPO, Projects & Manpower.

Anim Akhtar Ali Khan

Chairman & Founder

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Why should I go for an online platform for Outsourcing?

In this fast moving and highly competitive world where everything is available online on a click of a button, HireKhan brings to you first time online Manpower Ordering, Projects initiation & CV Verification services, at your service 24/7, 365 days a year at cut throat prices and faster turn-around times.

Can I cut down on my operational costs by using the HireKhan Platform?

Yes. By teaming with us, you can reduce your current operating expenses by a whopping 25–40% without compromising on quality or timelines. In fact, you will soon see a marked increase in your ROI, as our services are accurate, are of impeccable quality, and are always delivered ahead of schedule.

Will my business-sensitive data remain secure?

We understand how important it is to keep customer data secure, private, and confidential. Our organization has taken several stringent security measures, such as:

  • At the onset of every project, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client, and our employees must sign a non-disclosure agreement as well.
  • Our security team has installed virtual private networks (VPNs) and firewalls to maintain outbound and inbound data security.
  • All the PC workstations that our employees use are devoid of external access and storage devices, such as USB ports, CD drives and floppy drives.
  • Every system in our office and every employee email account is password-protected to prevent any unauthorized use of data.
  • In case of a fire, no data will be lost, as we backup important documents in an offsite storage facility. We use fireproof cabinets within our offices for added safety.
  • Our IT security team regularly installs the latest anti-virus software and updates to guard our servers.
  • All our offices are guarded by 24/7 armed security. Only employees with access cards can enter our premises.
  • Surveillance cameras in our office premises are constantly monitored to ensure that client assets always remain secure.

What modes of payment do you accept?

Clients can make payments through Bank Transfers or our highly secured Online Payment Gateway Partners – PayU Money and Razorpay for India and Razorpay International for outside India.


International Languages


Job Industries


Cities Worldwide


Job Categories

Why Choose Us

HireKhan is the only comprehensive online platform. Outsource all your worries, headaches, sleepless nights to us. We in turn deliver nothing, but Ultimate Cherishable Experience. Period. For Us Quality Precedes Everything and Nothing can Change that.


  • Highest Level Understanding, Commitment & Competence.
  • Online, Easy & Transparent
  • Relevant & Quality Manpower
  • Reach and Speed in our Every Project Undertaken.
  • Flawless and Time Bound Execution.
  • Strict adherence to Transparent and Ethical Standards.
  • Affordable but not Cheap.

We at HireKhan understand this need. Backed by our understanding and experience in providing good and reliable Manpower & Projects Implementation, we go to great depths in seamless execution of your projects and HR requirements.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Jaimini P
Head Sales of Inventz

We are absolutely delighted to be working with HireKhan. Their team members are extremely responsive, friendly and knowledgeable.

J K Nanda
CEO of MediHeal Group

HireKhan team delivered the project in time and within the price quoted. Hardworking team members who delivered all goals to our satisfaction..

Rehsma Devadiga
HR Manager of ATCL

HireKhan is our invaluable partner. Their team has hands-on as well as planning, designing, architectural and quality assurance.

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