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Dear Customers,

Amidst the recent COVID-19 developments, the impact can be seen on our wellbeing, businesses and the economy. In this challenging time, I want to personally apprise you on the current situation and HireKhan’s preparedness as your technology services partner.

HireKhan’s Manpower, Projects & BPO Platform services remain unaffected
We are committed to helping you with the best online platform with resource selection from 19 Departments and 11000 Job Positions and will keep providing continuity of services. I want to reassure you that all our offerings – Manpower, Projects, BPO, Online Chat, Support Numbers & Email ID , among others, will continue to function without any disruptions.

Major Indian IT Giants are operating at nearly 20% Capacity - does this change how HireKhan’s products function?
Amid the lockdown in several states in India to contain the spread of COVID-19, Major Indian IT Companies have been operating at less than 20% and in some cases, their workforce is working on a rotational basis. However, Online HireKhan Manpower platform remains unaffected our customers have the choice to choose the resource required without having discussion with HireKhan Presales Team . Further, as part of our product strategy, we have online integrations with multiple banks to ensure nearly 100% service uptime. Our routing algorithms help us identify the best performing department to identify the best resource for you and redirect accordingly.

Payments to HireKhan.com
Our customers can pay online / wire transfer for resource bookings inclusive the total cost of service.

Strategy, responsiveness, and preparedness
We are actively assessing the situation and working on mitigation policies to ensure that we continue to operate without any disruptions. This includes workforce planning, interdependent operations such as coordination with resourcing partners, banks and card networks. In the case of a complete lock-down in India, our team has already been equipped to support all services and ensure full uptimes, all while working remotely.

Customer support, technical support, and others
Please feel free to contact your Account Manager or reach us at support@hirekhan.com, for any customer queries or escalations. Our customer support services will be available 27x7 on all business days.

At HireKhan, we believe that it is in challenging times like these that we can prove our grit and commitment. We will continue to deliver.
Thank you for choosing HireKhan as your technology partner. We stand with you through these challenges.

Anim Akhtar Ali Khan
Chairman & Founder, HireKhan
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