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Why Outsource Projects?

Large enterprises and small businesses often choose to outsource their information technology (IT) systems and services for a variety of reasons. This choice carries with it some obvious benefits and some often not so obvious risks.

Evaluating whether or not to outsource your company's project can be challenging. Before making this potentially risky leap, you have to assess if this is a good move for your business, keeping in mind that what works for your business today may not work in the future.

Also it is imperative for the company to hire a good vendor who can quickly get them the desired quality staff within the promised timelines.


HireKhan Makes IT Work

Efficient Project Implementation and Management is the corner stone of a fast evolving Business & Technological world that we live in. However, getting this done is not an easy task.

We at HireKhan.com understand this need. Backed by our understanding and experience in providing good and reliable Manpower & Projects Implementation, we go to great depths in seamless execution of your projects.

We also understand that there lies a great opportunity in marketing this wisdom worldwide.

Our Services Include:


In Business & IT, projects have become more complex as technologies rapidly change and end-users demand greater ease-of-use and flexibility. For an project manager to achieve their objectives, it is imperative that these initiatives are completed on time and on budget. PMP & IT project management (ITPM) is the process of managing the plan, organization, and accountability to achieve information technology goals. Since the reach of IT spans across most of a business or enterprise, the scope of these projects can be large and complex. The magnitude of HireKhan Business & IT project management often means that it’s more than just applying knowledge, aligning skills, and using regular tools and techniques to drive a project to completion. Our highly qualified and experienced Business & IT project managers deal with the challenges of interdependent integrations, rapid technology upgrades, and version changes that can occur throughout the project timeline. .


Implementation is the act of putting the strategy into place utilizing resources within an organization or department. Sometimes you may need to outsource Project Implementation to bring in the expertise necessary to bring a project to completion. And it is fundamental to have an implementation methodology for that Project to succeed. To implement a project means to carry out activities proposed in the application form with the aim to achieve project objectives and deliver results and outputs. Its success depends on many internal and external factors. Some of the most important ones are a very well organised project team and effective monitoring of project progress and related expenditures. Overall management has to be taken over by the lead partner and project manager. The project management has to have an efficient management system and always has to be flexible to current needs and changed situations, as the project is rarely implemented exactly according to the initial plan. Nevertheless, the partnership should aim to deliver quality results and outputs.

Don’t Keep Yourself Waiting

Our Project Management Officers will have detailed discussion on your requirement and understand your needs in greater detail. We believe in more straight forward approach of telephonic, face to face / Skype Video call discussion. Waste no time.

Allocation of Projects starts almost instantly at HireKhan. Select the category of Project from the Menu above and book a time slot to talk to our Subject Matter Experts.

Why Outsource Business & IT Services to HireKhan?

Working with outside contractors is a strategy that can save time and money by keeping the operation lean while outsourcing specialized talent. Also technology is constantly evolving at a rate faster than our wildest imagination and so are the skill sets of the persons who can be entrusted with that job. Here are some reasons to help you understand why you should choose HireKhan as your Outsourcing Partner:

Controlled IT Costs
Reduced Labor Costs
Reduced Risk
Qualified & Experienced Workforce
Focus on Core Operations
Instant Project Allocation

Our Services

HireKhan offers a complete package of Outsourcing and HR Services ranging from Online Platform for Projects, BPO & Manpower to Online Background Verification Services, from Job Portal for Employers to Job Seeker App for the ones looking for opportunities. We call ourselves the ‘Amazon of HR & Outsourcing’.

Service 01
Project Outsourcing

Efficient Project Implementation and Management is the corner stone of a fast evolving Business & Technological world that we live in.

Service 02
BPO Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing has evolved from its early 'sweat-shop' image to the status of a strategic differentiator in the global marketplace. BPO has changed the way the world does business

Service 03
Manpower Outsourcing

Clients can hire any resource of their choice online based on their budgets & the allocation of resources starts almost instantly.

Service 04
Employee Verification

Our online, one time paid lifetime valid employee background verification service will change the way recruitment is done

Service 05
Job Portal (Employers)

With refined Job Postings & Candidate Search Portal, get instant notifications of the interested candidates from a Security Guard to a CEO

Service 06
Job Seeker App

Job for Every Human… With 850 industries and 3500 cities worldwide, HireKhan App is live on Android and iOS.

Ready to Outsource Online?

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