As your eCommerce business starts soaring, a strong realization can cross your mind that everything cannot be under your control at the same time. Various sectors need a kind of supervision which demand a unique set of experts. But you just can’t keep on hiring employees in-house for every sector. Obviously, that won’t be feasible for your business which has just started to make profits. The consumer’s demands today are high and mighty and to cater to it can take all your time and energy. That’s when outsourcing comes to your rescue. Outsourcing in eCommerce helps you to deploy the novel services available in the marketplace.

These services provided by HireKhan’s world class experts can render a competitive edge to your eCommerce business.

Whether you’re looking for a completely hands-free end-to-end solution or a specific tailored service, we have a solution that’s right for you. Just take a look at some of the benefits HireKhan can provide to take your sales and E-commerce experience to the next level.
  • Perfectly localised E-commerce website – We build your ecommerce website using natural sounding language, designed by our world-class, in-country web designers. Accept payments in local currencies, using preferred methods including bank transfers, C.O.D., convenience store payments, and other local payment methods.
  • Ecommerce Operations – We take the guesswork out of developing an ecommerce platform, localized to each specific country.
  • Omni channel customer engagement – Integrated support across multiple contact methods: phone, e-mail, live chat, messenger, social media
  • Expert support – Fully dedicated transcosmos team to manage all aspects of your customer experience, 24/7 global coverage, high quality, low cost locations
  • Digital Marketing – Using the latest SEO, SEM, and Social Media tools and techniques for each country to attract your customers.
  • Customer Care – Award-winning customer support in over 30 European and Asian languages, leveraging 25+ years of expert experience
  • Fulfilment – International fulfilment and logistics solutions provide cheapest, fastest, and most reliable service in-country or cross-border.
  • Local Currencies – Accept payments from customers in their local currencies using their preferred payment methods.
  • Regulation Assistance – We can help you navigate your way through the rules and regulations in each country.
  • Market Insight – Gain valuable information to help you determine the best possible market entry strategy.
  • Reporting – Leverage powerful data analytics and receive regular reporting to track your company’s success in e-commerce markets.

With extensive experience in software development, communication design and data management along with a profound understanding of how online security protocols work, we can design and develop a customized e-commerce solution for your business.
Taking your business online can transform your interaction with your customers and help you stay competitive. With a successful e-commerce solution, you can increase your customer base, improve your customer services, minimize your operating costs and create new market opportunities. You can also see an increase in your revenue, build customer loyalty and provide your customers with a better buying experience.


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