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Outsource Product Information Request Services to Unlock the True Potential of Your Customer
Product information request service is considered as an integral part of any business. HireKhan ensures maximum customer satisfaction through our unmatched expertise in managing product information request services.
For any company, a comprehensive product information request service and product support service is of paramount importance, for complete customer satisfaction. Outsourcing these services to HireKhan will ensure an efficient, streamlined system of product information request services or service information request services.

Our qualified team of well-trained professionals can be your customers’ main source of information for any particular product or resource you want to be pitched for. Whether you want us to handle product enquiries or meet your customer expectations, our team of competent experts can meet your needs to the tee.

HireKhan is determined to deliver excellent outsourced product information request services to its customers on timely basis. Hence, we have created a well-integrated product information request process, which has helped us delivered nothing less than excellence.

This is How We Do It:
  • We collaborate with the customer to truly understand the information about the specific product
  • Our experts then develop familiarity with the product and other related information about it to become future ready
  • With proven expertise and rich experience in the domain, our team quickly comprehend the knowhow of the product and prepare to answer both expected and unexpected queries

As a client you will play a key role in communicating guidelines, details and other requisite information about the product along with sharing the catalogue with us. And our professionals will then manage the complete cycle of transferring the information to your customer and keep you posted during the process.


Our Project Management Officer will have detailed discussion on your requirement and understand your needs in greater detail. We believe in more straight forward approach of face to face / Skype Video call discussion. Waste no time. Allocation of Projects starts almost instantly at HireKhan.

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