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Business is based on Relationships. Not Sales; Relationships.

We Believe in being Radically transparent with our Customers

Being open about our prices, payment terms and results sets us apart from our competitors.
We list our fees on our website and level with potential clients about what they can realistically expect from us.

With our Breakthrough and Disruptive Pricing, we’re here to Change the Whole Game in the People Consulting Realm

Engagement Fee

We charge a small one-time Engagement Fee at the time of booking a resource online through our website. This fee is adjusted from the first payment received from the engaging party to HireKhan. Please note that the engagement fee is different for different industry departments and levels viz -a viz Associate, Pro, Expert and Legend; visible once you make the final selection of the resource on our website.

Pricing and Payment Terms

We work on a one time percentage commission model for our Permanent Recruitment Services, to be paid within 7 days of the Date of Joining of the Hired Resource.

Please see below for the flat rate charged at the various levels:

  • Associate Level (0-2 Years Experience) – 5.5% of the Annual CTC of the Hired Resource
  • Pro Leve (3-10 Years Experience) – 7% of the Annual CTC of the Hired Resource
  • Expert Level (11-20 Years Experience) – 10.5% of the Annual CTC of the Hired Resource
  • Legend Level (21-35 Years Experience) – 14% of the Annual CTC of the Hired Resource

We charge a Fixed % on Monthly CTC of the Contractual Resource to be paid within 7 days of Date of Joining. The calculation per resource runs as below:

(Fixed % of Monthly CTC + Monthly CTC) x Contract Period in Months

Costing Sheet will be raised at the end of each month. The costing sheet will be prepared on basis of actual attendance (including the wages, PF-ESI, Medical etc cost) and add the Service Charge on the CTC and monthly bill will be raised. All financial adjustments with respect to leaves or over time, will be made at the end of contract.

Payment Schedule : 50% within 7 Days of Date of Joining, 30% at one month of DOJ and 20% at two months of DOJ.

Refer below for the fixed percentage of service charge for Onsite and Offsite Contract Staffing respectively:

Onsite Service Rate - 20% on Monthly CTC of the Contractual Resource

Offsite Service Rate - 23% on Monthly CTC of the Contractual Resource

In case you absorb any Off-Role employee into your company role, we charge a one-time Absorption Fee of 8% of the Annual CTC of the Hired Resource to be paid within 7 days of the DOJ.

Replacement & Refund

We provide free replacement within 90 days of joining of the first resource. Please note that the replacement may take up to one month of time subject to specialized skills required for the role and market availability.

In case HireKhan is unable to provide you a replacement within a maximum of 2 months, we refund 90% of your money back considering that the candidate did perform work for a certain amount of time. The said amount will be credited in your HK Wallet.

Replacement Guarantee stands effective:

  • If the client has paid their invoice in full within the stipulated terms of business
  • The client provides satisfactory written evidence of the candidate’s unsuitability, in light of the agreed-upon job description
  • If candidate is proven guilty of any misconduct or an unethical or criminal activity
  • If the candidate leaves within 90 days of joining

Replacement Guarantee stands void:

  • If the client employed someone else in the meantime, using another recruitment agency
  • If the new hire is made redundant or is incapacitated in any way and can no longer perform the role.

HK Wallet

Any amount that we owe to our clients will be credited to the client’s HK Wallet and can be used any time against any HireKhan service ranging from Resource Hiring, IT Project or BPO Outsourcing, HK Certified Candidate Verification Services to Employer’s Side Job Postings and Candidate Search.

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