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Project - iOS / iPhone X Upgrade


Technology is upgrading fast and so are the Smartphones these days. Least app creators can do is to tread the path along. latest in the line is the new iPhone X.
A phone that features the stunning 5.8-inch Super Retina display, enabling even more immersive app experiences. Your iTunes app should now be ready to take advantage of the Super Retina display by respecting safe areas, supporting adaptive layouts, and more.

Make your Clients dive into this superlative experience of using your app optimally on their iPhone X. They won't ask for it, but it's your responsibility to provide the same. Denying or Delaying this experience will cost too much to the brand and the business.

So where to look to upgrade ? We would only be more happy to help.

Our Latest iPhone X Upgrade Project -


Working with outside contractors is a strategy that can save time and money by keeping the operation lean while outsourcing specialized talent. Also technology is constantly evolving at a rate faster than our wildest imagination and so are the skill sets of the persons who can be entrusted with that job. This rapid evolution makes it very difficult for the Human Resource department to meet the desired IT staff requirements, within the desired time frame for their Organisation's Business and Project Heads. This is in turn delays or affects the quality of the project's expected outcome.

Evaluating whether or not to outsource your company's project can be challenging. Before making this potentially risky leap, you have to assess if this is a good move for your business, keeping in mind that what works for your business today may not work in the future.

Also it is imperative for the company to hire a good vendor who can quickly get them the desired quality staff within the promised timelines.


Our Project Management Officer will have detailed discussion on your requirement and try to understand your needs in greater detail. We believe in more straight forward approach of face to face Skype Video call discussion.

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